Lane Baxter

Lane Baxter began her artistic career as an internationally acclaimed opera singer, touring the world’s stages with Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. A horrific car accident shortened Lane’s operatic journey by affecting her voice, but remaining undaunted, Lane fought to regain what she had lost. While overcoming all odds to regain her health and voice, Lane reinvented herself through the very passion which pulled her through those healing years: painting. Lane’s spirit is that of the Old West, where she was born and raised, just outside Lake Tahoe. She remains inspired by her grandfather who lived as a cowboy, herding cattle and breaking broncos. The discipline she honed as an international opera singer coupled with the resilience that compelled her to seek a new creative passion. Lane now devotes her creative energies to her visual works, inspired by western oil paintings and portraiture. Her hyper-realistic paintings reveal a reverence for nature and natural world; Lane captures the dignity and majesty of lions, polar bears, and horses. Her portraiture depicts the cowboys and Native Peoples of the Wild West. Baxter lives in Nevada.



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