Jane Peccarelli

Jane worked for eleven years as an accountant before changing careers to pursue her passion for painting. She began painting as a muralist working on both commercial and residential projects. In 2010, she met master artist Lap Ngo, from the prestigious French art school, École Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris.  For the next five years, Jane studied and painted under his guidance both in the south of France and in north Texas. During this time, she learned the classical art of painting using both oil and egg tempera and the critical component of all art—preparation of both canvas and boards.

Jane is accomplished in a wide spectrum of styles and subject matter. She is inspired by the natural beauty of her surroundings, whether traveling or at her homes in Naples, Florida and Plano, Texas. She uses Belgian linen for her canvases and prepares her own gesso for both canvas and boards using natural products imported from France. Having the proper structure helps give her paintings added richness, beauty and longevity. She chooses the technique and materials for each painting based on the subject matter to illuminate the unique beauty in every painting.




No Exhibitions



March 05–17, 2020 – 5pm to 7pm

Jane Peccarelli: Flora & Minima

Jane Peccarelli is back in our show space with a new painting demonstration as part of our Living Art Series on March 5th, 5:30-7:30pm. Her aesthetic crosses from the vivid realism of her Florida florals to the sparse world of her minimalist abstracts. Her eye-catching canvases will be on show throughout March 17 at the Emillions Art Show Space in downtown Naples.


Artwork by Jane Peccarelli