Francesco Ruspoli

Francesco Ruspoli describes himself as an Expressionist painter. Through his employment of vibrant color and modern abstraction of the human form, Ruspoli seeks to express feelings, moods — the fundamental aspect of what it means to be human. “It is through art that the conflicts of life can be explored, better understood, brought to the surface and put into new relationships with each other.” Ruspoli feels the present time we all live in is indicative of tenuous personal connection at the expense of or embrace of technology, geopolitical divisions, and a tendency towards lack of self-reflection. “I believe we are living in  an unprecedented time of the breakdown in human relationships and interactions. This is happening from the individual and personal level to the opposite geopolitical end of the spectrum. We tend to think of interactivity in terms of technology these days rather than human feeling and connection.”

Ruspoli’s answer to the paltriness of true connection is to create in the face of it. “My art is meant to directly challenge this state of affairs and re-invigorate and re-inspire the emotional and spiritual dimensions of human life, which is inevitably in direct conflict with much of what we see around us in our world now.”

He considers his art an exploration of the “dynamic frontier between abstraction and figuration. This fertile area keeps alive the infinite possibilities of being human in an age intent upon closing them down.” Ruspoli employs abstract figures in visceral contact with each other to underscore the relational aspects of individuals or a community. The idea of relatability in Ruspoli’s work underscores the relationship between viewer and artist. This mutual encounter of the painter and artist is of utmost importance to Ruspoli, as he would like his work to foment an emotional response from the audience, to have the act of viewing as an experience, as opposed to a passive act.

Ruspoli counts Renaissance artists Paolo Veronese and Sebastiano del Piombo and 20th century expressionists Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff, De Kooning among his influences. His artwork has been cited for many awards, earning a Gold Medal from the Institute of French Culture and a recent award from ArtTour International Magazine (ATIM) in 2018. His work will next appear at the Suppressed Emotions show at Galerie Ludwig Trossaert in Antwerp in May 2019.


  • Honorary Master Award – The World of Art – UK
  • Honorable Mention Award – Circle Foundation – USA
  • The Honorary Award of Distinction – Art Addiction Museum – UK
  • ATIM Masters Award – ATIM Masters of Contemporary Art – USA
  • Honorable Award, Art Addiction Museum – UK
  • Honorable Award, Artavita Gallery – USA
  • Gold Medal, Beijing Olympic Fine Art – China
  • Knight of the Art, Academy Greco-Marino – Italy
  • Academician, Academy Greco-Marino – Italy
  • Bronze Medal, Mairie 17em Paris – France
  • Gold Medal, Institute of French Culture – France
  • Eugene Fromentin Award, Federation Latin – France
  • Silver Medal, Institute French Culture – France
  • Golden Painting of the Year, Institute of French Culture – France
  • Bronze Medal, Biennial Villeneuve Loubet – France
  • Silver Medal, Grand Prix of Rome – Italy


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Set and Costume Design

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Artwork by Francesco Ruspoli

Francesco Ruspoli