André Bielen

André Bielen takes us into a hidden universe. Each work offers a “vision-shock”, a powerful and always different experience. André Bielen holds internally the feeling, the consciousness, the intuition of a transcendent mystery, deeply buried in him, whose cosmic expression seems to come from the dawn of time. He expresses a resurgence of it in his paintings. He walks on a hidden path unknown to us, but familiar to him. His work offers various facets of his almost shamanic perception. Each work holds the diversity, the completeness, the originality of a new specific vision. André Bielen shows today an indisputable innovative talent in the contemporary life of art. He brings in an “alchemical” sense of past and future, the existing and the non-being, good and evil, lightness and strength, energy and nothingness. He has come to maturity neither too quickly nor too slowly and has been able to bring his research and his work to a high level of mastery.




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Artwork by André Bielen

Andre Bielen