Alain Beraud

Alain Beraud continues in a Neo-Cubist landscape that is derived from his extensive travels in Asia and Africa. Beraud both reveres and celebrates the turn-of-the-century art from that launched most of the modern art and design movements of the twentieth century: art deco, modernism, abstract, dadaism, and futurism. Cubism would influence art, music, architecture, design, fashion, and literature in its heyday.

Alain Beraud has a long and impassioned career dedicated to photography, painting, and filmmaking. His current suite of neo-Cubist paintings is greatly influenced by 20th century Cubism, and takes the quotidian moments of being—eating, bathing, reflecting—into new dimensions and perspectives. His canvases suggest moods and stories, encouraging the viewer to travel beyond thoughts into the sensory.

In 2012, Beraud created the Double Art Movement, an alliance between painting, sculpture and light. His new creations had the honor of showing at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in 2014. Beraud has shown extensively in France, Italy and Spain. Beraud made his Asian debut as part of Asia Contemporary, Hong Kong in the fall of 2017, and continued his American tour with a fall-winter show at Salomon Art Gallery in Tribeca, New York in 2018, as well as curated inclusion in the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show and the Naples Art, Antique & Jewelry Show.




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