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Marlissa Gardner

Emillions Art, LLC. will offer a service to post said art for each individual, artist and/or company and to identify proper venues in territories covered by Emillions Art, LLC. for artists and/or companies to market, show, distribute & sell exemplary pieces of works in order to properly ensure the image be maintained for the artist and/or company. Emillions Art, LLC. will be targeting shops, galleries, interior designers, developers, hotel owners, museums, and as always private owners and collectors. Limited collections will be brought forth to buyers in portfolio form unless prior arrangements concerning the property are made through Emillions Art, LLC. and the artist.

A former Director & Producer of Film:

In my many travels through life and around the world, I have collected a vast amount of fine art and have come to realize my irrefutable interest has always been in the true definition of art. Due to my love of purchasing everything from originals of well known painters with the beauty, finish and texture a museum looks for, to small fine sculptures and Limited Edition Prints; and the inability to keep all I love, I find myself growing into a new and adored passion for art brokering. Unable to keep myself out of museums, antique shops, galleries and the like during my travels through Europe, South East Asia, South America, India and the United States, these travels have given me a beautiful and clear view of what the world of art is all about and has to offer.

There are so many forms of art and being able to identify, at least for myself, what makes art great has always been a true challenge. With that in mind, I am sharing what I know about art. I will be happy to help anyone with the connections I have throughout the world. Welcome to Emillions Art, LLC.

-Marlissa Gardner

The Emillions Team

Carole Featheringham

Executive Personal Assistant

Carolyn Bare

Director of Business Development, Executive Director of East Coast Corporate Sales

Lily Ng

Executive Director of Strategic Development and Special Projects

Haley Gardner