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Ella Kogan

Ella Kogan


Ella Kogan’s upbringing in Russia was saturated in art and music, thanks to her father, the artist Leonid Kogan, whose own work is part of the permanent collection at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. A trained classical pianist and singer, Ella took up sculpting in her thirties, while helping her young son with a sculpting class. From this accidental introduction to her favorite medium, Ella finds a natural symbiosis with clay. She trusts the medium and finds in its malleability infinite possibilities. Ella does not use models but prefers to let impressions come to mind as inspiration for her pieces. She strives to reflect movement and fluidity in her sculptures; each piece encapsulates a tangible vitality embodied in characters of Ella’s creation: the forgotten woman who is not forgotten to herself; a young girl who’s leaping with expectation, a red-scarfed figure daring the viewer for a confrontation. With these complicated renderings, Ella invites a tolerance for diversity and an opportunity for dialogue. The scope of her work is a series of dichotomies: rough-hewn, but never rudimentary; simply conceived, yet intricate in execution. Her clay-formed characters very often reveal a fragility that is carefully balanced with resilience and defiance. Beauty and symmetry don’t excite Kogan. She is most interested in finding the soul of a piece. By stripping away and molding, she’s on an investigative journey to bare the humanness behind a face, a body, a pose. It’s the human spirit that Kogan captures in her work: we are all at once, beautiful and terrible, ordinary and unique.

2016 Solo Exhibition, Chelsea, NY 2015 International Art Festival, NY 2014 Hot Art, Chelsea, NY 2013 Autumn Salon at 25 CPW Gallery, NY 2013 Art Expo, NY 2013 The International Art Show, Visual Variety presented by the Museum of Russian Art, NY 2012 Group Exhibition, Warwick Art Gallery, NY 2011 Group Exhibition, Warwick Art Gallery, NY 2010 Group Exhibition, Russian Artists, NJ 2009 Group Exhibition, Art Yama, NY 2008 Group Exhibition, Princeton Picture Alley Gallery, NJ 2004 Group Exhibition, Bergen County, NJ 2003 Group Exhibition, Art Yama, NY 2002 Group Exhibition, Princeton Picture Alley Gallery, NJ 2001-2004 Locatoile Gallery, Paris, France 2000 Group Exhibition, Paterson Museum, NJ 2000 Group Exhibition, 1100 Madison Gallery, NY 1999 1100 Madison Gallery, NY 1999 NAT 66th Annual Spring Open Exhibition, NY 1999 Group Exhibition, Princeton Picture Alley Gallery, NJ 1998 Group Exhibition, Women in Arts, Philadelphia, PA 1998 Manhattan Arts “International Artist Showcase” Winner 1997 Group Exhibition, Marcella Geltman Art Gallery, NJ 1997 Russian World Art Gallery, NY 1997 Group Exhibition, Art Works Gallery, NY

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