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Shray Bronze

Shray Bronze


Shray was born in Lynchburg, Virginia and grew up in Denver, Co. and San Francisco, Ca. Her mother, an artist and father an actor, inspired in her a love for art. She attended the SF Art Institute and the Academy of Art in SF on full scholarships. Patrick Haberman, a teacher, at the Academy of Art, gave her a private area to work and encouraged her to find the form in the clay as opposed to adding clay to an armature. Shray and Partick realized she is a natural born Subtractionist and sculptor/artist of emotion who creates deep feelings of in her work. Focus Santa Fe - “Depth of Feeling” - "Shray's sculptures have a direct line to the heart. Standing before one of her works the viewer is connected not only with a beautiful object but with an experience." — Written by Charlotte Berney. She proceeded to win the 5 Rings Award at the Beijing Olympics 2008 in the Sculpture and Design Contest. and has turned this allowed her to evolve her talent in a new direction: to push into the positive space, the unseen - which creates the negative space. The fractures of colors bouncing off the edges of her work, hard edges -soft edges. It is time to challenge her mind to see a new way. To carve the air and let it leap into the mirrors of her mind. A whole fresh way of seeing her work. Very exciting as if, all that she learned from so many, and herself, is finally grasped. She can see her fingers, the sticky clay, water dripping, pushing, not placing it, not carving away the clay, instead pushing outward into the unoccupied area of positive - carving the very air that allows the work to expand and create forms by pressing against 360 degrees of gravity. For me, “after 25 years, it has all merged into one glorious thought stream of ideas. Fantastic moments, a thanks to all who shared.”

2008:Winner 'Olympics: 'Five Rings Award' The '2008 Beijing Sculptor landscape Invitational. BOCOGS: Goal - Purpose: 'International outreach for communication through the arts and Olympic venue'. -2008 Beijing Olympics. Tour '110 Excellant Works winners'. Travaled, china, hong kong, Europe usa -Excelled : owner, artist. Long standing working relationships from 3 years to Present. -Private and Commissioned works. [selected] Rockefeller Family, Her Ladyship Churchill-Spencer

EXHIBITION Soiree "Le Chat Noir" June 13 - July 11, 2008 Gallery 444, San Francisco, California. Olympic Sculptor Shray - her Sculpture "Forevermore" Presented to Yunan Government of China. TWO MEN, ONE CENTURY - At the Governor's office at the State Capital in Sacramento, California WW II vet, Ken Mecham, and Olympic sculptor Shray presented Shray's sculpture, Forevermore, to the Director of the California Arts Council, Muriel Johnson who, in turn, gifted it to Professor Yuan, Chairman 2008 Beijing Olympic Landscape Competition, for the Yunnan Government. The Art Foundry, Inc. "Sculpture On View" The Art Foundry, Inc., Sacramento, California with Shray, Peter Voulkus, Bruce Beasley and Nathan Oliveira. June 30th thru August 11th, 2007. Shray’s Sculpture Garners Olympic Praise Bronze to travel China as part of Olympic Celebration OLYMPICS BEIJINGSAN FRANCISCO - The Organizing Committee for the Sculpture Competition for the 2008 Olympics recently announced that a bronze sculpture by Shray has been selected as a finalist. The Games will be held in Beijing, China and feature a sculpture exhibition that will travel to select cities throughout the country. International Sculpture Exhibition is Feb 8th - 28th in London, England.

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